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Student project opening: Anti-microbial peptide library screening on droplet microfluidic platform


Antibiotics have revolutionized medicine, making it one of the most important discoveries of the past century. However, antibiotic resistance has become a significant problem in treating infections with conventional therapies. To combat this, anti-microbial peptide (AMP) has gained much attention as a promising alternative less prone to bacterial resistance. There is a growing interest in both the research and industrial community for designing or mining effective AMPs. Droplet-based microfluidics is a powerful approach to screen millions of candidates by producing droplet reactors in an ultrahigh throughput manner, with highly precise control and accurate reading. In this project, you will work with us in the search for a candidate using droplet microfluidics.

What you will do:

- Preliminary testing of model antimicrobial peptides on different bacteria.

- Learn to design and fabricate microfluidic chips.

- Work together with the PhD students toward publication.

- Screening of the library and in-depth training in operating various microfluidics setups (Depending on the timeline and progress).

We look for:

- Education background in Microbiology and/or hands-on training in bacterial culture.

- Prior experience in scientific research (planning experiments, processing data, etc.).

- Motivation :)

Opportunity for:

- Internship

- Bachelor's/ Master's Thesis

If interested, please contact us via email (see below) with a CV and a short motivation letter including potential start date and duration.


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