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Master Thesis Project

Rapid Screening of Antibiotics using Droplet Microfluidics

Droplet-based microfluidic systems are powerful tools for performing chemical and biological experiments. Millions of droplets can be used to encapsulate a wide variety of samples in pL-volumes, allowing for ultra-sensitive and rapid analysis. Put simply, the use of such droplets provides an enormous advantage over conventional high-throughput screening methods. We have recently discovered a novel microfluidic strategy that allows for easy and reliable execution of multiplex analysis within droplets. In this project, you will use this strategy to screen antibiotics and evaluate their performance.

This project will be conducted in deMello Group at ETH Honggerberg. If you have a background in chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering, cell biology, microbiology or other related disciplines, and if you hate boring experiments (these are guaranteed to be fun and fulfilling) please contact Prof. Andrew deMello ( or responsible person Dr Yun Ding (

You will be trained in:

- The latest microfluidic droplet technologies for high-throughput experimentation.

- The design and fabrication of microfluidic chips.

- Cell culture.

- High-speed imaging and image analysis.

- Flow cytometry and data analysis.

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