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Master Thesis Project

Development of Microfluidic Chip for Coronary Microvascular Disease

Coronary microvasculature is subjected to a plethora of diseases that are poorly understood and diagnosed. The systematic integration of microfluidics in the analysis of coronary microvascular disease (CMVD) is essential for a better understanding of the hemodynamic alteration and the consequent endothelial dysfunction leading to the pathological cardiac impairment.

Starting from the latest experimental set-up and chips microfabricated in our group, we herein propose to optimize the microvascular perfusion model through in-silico and/or in-vitro modelling, with the final goal of replicating with high-fidelity the pathological condition observed in-vivo through qualitative positron emission tomography images.

To achieve this goal, we will need to:

  • Optimize the perfusing system for a controlled hemodynamic stimulation;

  • Characterize the biomechanical and biocompatibility properties of the developed platform.

Prior knowledge of computational fluid dynamics and/or microfabrication is preferential.

Contact person:

Dr. Monika Colombo,

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